Ultimate Travel Cup

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If you travel, you NEED this ✈️
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All your toiletries in one place 

The Ultimate Travel Cup is the only you need for your toiletries when you travel.  It has everything compacted into one cup that has nifty tools that will let you do almost all toiletry functions on-the-go.  It fits conveniently in any luggage and makes it less bulky than carrying a big toiletry bag. 

Dimensions: 2.6 inch (length) x 7.8 inch (height) 

Weight : 200g

Material: ABS 

Color: Blue, Green, Pink ,Khaki

Purpose: Everyday life, traveling, school, hiking, home, camping, climbing etc

Package Includes: 
1 x Wash Cup (20x6.8cm) 
1 x Comb (10x30cm) 
1 x Mirror (Diam 6cm) 
1 x Shampoo bottle (60ml) 
1 x Shower gel bottle (60ml)