Snail Curlers With Hook

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Do you love curly hairs but don't have time to get them curled or you don't want them permanent but only for a party? Get these amazing magic curlers which comes with a hook, easy to use, temporary and doesn't even damage your hairs.

Very easy to use
Use hair dryer to dry
DIY your hair at home
Never ever make any damage to your hair
Create long lasting nature curl
Made of soft materials, comfortable to wear
And no chemicals, no damage to your hair at all

Easy to use:
Slightly wet your hair
Curl your hair and hold the curler firmly
Blow dry with hair dryer with low / medium heat
Should be kept for 15-30 minutes or more
 Magic Snail Curlers with Hook how to use

Style: Velcro Hair Rollers
Color: Send by random

Straightening length approx 45cm
Inner diameter approx 2.5cm 

Packaging includes: 
12 hair rollers & 1 hook