Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

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World first no burn, no harm 5 second straightener brush launched. All it takes 30 seconds in heating & 5 seconds to straighten your hair. 0 burns 0 harm. All the world ladies will be crazy for it.

Plate: Ceramic
Color: Black
Temperature: LCD Display
Max temperature: 230C / 450F
Voltage: 100v-240v

  1. Heats up fast
  2. 60 minute auto shut - off
  3. LCD Screen Display Temperature
  4. 3D Ceramic Bristles Gently Straightens Hair
  5. Temperature Control Adjustable up to 450 F
  6. Swivel Cord


Separate a section of hair to be straightened.

Place Simply Straight brush close to the roots of selected hair.

Hold the hair firmly and brush down from root to tip.

Repeat steps 1-3 times.

(After use, press the On / Off to turn off the brush, then unplug it. Wait until the brush is completely cooled down before handling or storing)

Product Description

  1. 100% ceramic heat plate, heat more evenly
  2. When the product reaches the maximum temperature, the red tips surface is only 50 degrees celsius that will not burn your skin and it can help massage your head and relaxes you.
  3. Digital LCD display shows the operating situation on the clear and active screen.
  4. Enhancing the most advanced ceramic heater (MCH), quick heat up and constant heat
  5. Dual voltage for worldwide use.

Package Including:

Simply Straightener Brush
Instruction booklet