Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat

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Made of environmental friendly silicone, non-toxic, odorless this cleaning mat is perfect for your makeup brushes, ain't we all tired of ruining our favorite brushes and getting new every time? These mat comes with gorgeous candy colors, soft material, not to hurt the hands and damage items. Very simple, convenient and practical to clean makeup tools.

How to use it:

Wet the bristles of your brush, pour some cleaning solution on the cleaning mat.

Gently move your brush on the cleaning mat in circular motion till you get the entire leftovers out of the bristles.

Rinse the brush off, lay your brushes flat to dry.

Color: Mint green, rose red, deep purple, shallow purple & pink.
Size: about 22.5 * 17 cm / 8.86 * 6.69 in