Rotating Magic Hanger

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Our Rotating 9 Hole Magic Hanger can hold 9 pieces of clothes horizontally or vertically.

Rotating Magic Hanger is suitable for houses, apartments, clothing stores and other limited spaces, it can also be used for closets and balconies. The best choice for saving space. This magic hanger organizer is designed with 9 large enough holes (2.25 inches) to hang a variety of hangers. Such as velvet hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, metal hangers, skirt hangers, trouser hangers, standard hangers, etc.

This hanger can greatly save your wardrobe space.
Dormitory and apartment for limited space.
Keep your shirts, pants and shirts organized and wrinkle-free.
Flexible joints at both ends for horizontal or vertical use.
Sturdy PP material, convenient nine-hole branch, the crane can rotate 360 degrees, the track has built-in buckle, can be used horizontally and vertically, lightly stored and dried, is a good helper for your admission.
1 can hold 9 pieces to save wardrobe space.
With a thickness of 0.64 cm, the hangers take up little space; they are heavy duty to wear jackets and trousers together; center bar for additional clothing such as scarves and ties

These plastic hangers are great for hanging clothes of different fabric types. Strong and durable plastic material ensures that they can resist the weight of heavy clothes without easily breaking. The smooth finishing of each hanger takes good care of your clothes so that the fabric can stay in great condition without being damaged. Perfect for apartment, house, dorms, bathroom etc. Compatible for pants/ clothes / towel / sweatpants / scarf / trousers / slacks / ties etc.

Package Includes : 1 x Hanger