Rotating Cake Decorating Stand

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When you bake a cake for an event in your home & you want it to display in a professional way, only the thing you need is a Rotating Cake Stand.

The cake decorating table makes it easier and more enjoyable for bakers of all levels to decorate cake. Hold piping bag in one hand, gently rotate the turntable with the other and in no time you'll be decorating cakes just like an expert baker.

A simple, elegant, versatile cake stand which increases the charm of your cake.

Cake Decorating turntable comes with non-slip surface. Can be set to different positions, the rotary head can be rotated beneath the turntable for adjusting.

The tilt direction can be controlled freely rotated and tilted to the left or right, can also be adjusted to the normal rotation of the turret head control. 

The platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing. Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling. 

Material: Plastic
Color: White
Size: 28 cm x 7 cm x 23 cm