Rolling Garlic Chopper

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The Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic Chopper minces garlic in a snap! Simply peel, fill, and roll! The Rolling Garlic Chopper produces perfectly chopped garlic from your peeled cloves every time. Avoid a sticky, smelly, garlicky mess by using the rolling chopper instead of a traditional knife. Your hands will thank you later. The garlic chopper is also great for chopping ginger. The long lasting stainless steel blade is removable and cleanup is quick and easy. Top rack dishwasher safe.

No More Mess
Avoid dealing with that messy, sticky process that goes along with chopping your own garlic. By using the Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic Chopper, your cooking experience is both enhanced and increasingly productive because it eliminates the trouble and stress of manually chopping just the right amount of garlic into the precise size and texture. To use, simply open the Garlic Zoom, place in the desired amount of garlic, close, and get rolling! To clean, remove the blade and place in the dishwasher. We can't guarantee you won't end up with garlic breath, but with the Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic Chopper by Chef'n, your hands and kitchen counter will remain garlic-free and mess-free.

- Perfect for crushing the garlic.
- Easy to clean with water, keeping clean for your kitchen.
- Easy and funny to use, grinding out of garlic taste exquisite.
- Significant savings time when you cooking.
- Environmental-friendly, health and hygiene, bringing you a clean and healthy life.

Size(Approx): 4 * 5 * 7 cm

Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel