Remote Control Centipede Toy

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Remote Control Centipede Toy

Develop the kids' creativity and imagination.
A good toy to keep company with your kids


  • Super realistic giant centipede
  • Fast moving and rattling tail
  • Flexible moving body and flashing eyes
  • Function: Forward, turn left, turn right, lighting
  • Suitable age: +3 years old
  • Material: Plastic
  • Control distance: About 5-10 meters
  • Battery: DC 3.7V rechargeable battery
  • Remote control battery: 3x 1.5V L1154 battery
  • Charging time: About 40min
  • Playing time: ≥15 min
  • Item size: Centipede Specifications: 36 * 7  cm 

Package includes:
1 x Remote control centipede
1 x USB cable
1 x Remote control

Check more details on the pictures we have uploaded!