Personal Security Alarm Key-chain

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Protect yourself against intruders / attackers / thieves
  • This alarm is simple and convenient, not easy to be aware of
  • Egg Shape design, it is so lovely that is the most useful gift for children or girls
  • Small and light, easy to take away, allowing you to carry it around with you all the time
  • When you need help, pull out the metal key chain pull nail, it can immediately send out alarm, caused the attention of people to help
  • Suitable for joggers, elders, disabled, night shift workers or someone who live alone, specially for the women and children
  • Very loud 120dB alarm
  • Clip to your handbag, backpack or use as a key ring to your wallet's zipper, cellphone's strap.
  • When you feel you are in danger, just pull the metal pin and it will emit a 120 db sound that will make your attacker run away
  • The sound will also give warning to others around you that you are in danger
Material: Plastic
Size: 64*42*22mm 
Colors: Random