Multifunction Car Cleaning Gel

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Are you still worried about the dust in your car?
Try out our products safe and non toxic
Picks up dust and dirt from car interior, computer keyboards, mobile phones
  • It is convenient and effective.

  • You can use it to clean the keyboard, interior car, laptop, etc.

  • Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action.

  • By pressing the cleaning compound onto the surfaces that you would like to clean, can effectively absorb dust and dust in the gap, never fly around

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Can be used for many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color.

  • A must for using public computers in a clean and safe way, ideal for all devices and surfaces.

    Weight: 70g
    Material: Soft glue
    Note: The item weight may be lightly difference due to different order batch, seeking for your understanding.
    Package includes: A bag of 70 g cleaning gel