Mouse Catcher Glue Board Trap

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Mouse Catcher Glue Board trap is must for every home!

  • Safe & professional : Poison free odorless, made up of natural materials, it is safe for your family and pets, contains no chemicals and toxic compounds, super environmentally friendly. Great for use in homes, yard, restaurants, bars, offices etc.
  • Super sticky : Catch mice and rats more effectively with this stickiest, strongest Mouse Catcher Glue Board trap. Easier to catch the mice, unlike other mouse and rat glue traps that allow pests to escape. Catch it in one second!
  • Fold-able & thick cardboard : Unlike other mouse glue trap board, we have enhance this cardboard, it looks more thicker and harder which can prevent being dragged away by rats. Also fold-able design makes the mouse glue traps easier to catch the rats.
  • Wide application : This sticky traps are also great for trapping small scorpions, spiders, crickets, cockroaches, flies, and other common household pests.
  • Easy to clean up : Don't have to touch the mouse to get it out of the trap, just opened it over the garbage can into a bag - DONE!
  • Warm Tips: Suggest to buy 5 pieces or more for a family, and put them around the corner one by one. Put 2-3 pieces each place can be more effective. -You can also put some baits on the boards.
  • Fit different spaces: Traps comes with fold-able lines to make it easy to fit a variety of spaces. The boards can be laid flat, folded at a 90 degree angle, a U shape, or use as a square.
  • Quickly disposable: Mouse / rat will get stuck when it walks onto the board. Simply close the board and dispose of it with the trapped mouse or rat. No more having to touch the mouse or rat after it has been caught in a metal trap.
  • Package Includes : 5 Mouse Glue Boards