Mini Portable Lint Remover

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When your favorite sweater start to pill, grab the Mini Portable Lint Remover Comb to brush away the fuzz! This handy tool will help give your woven and knitted fabrics a fresh, fuzz-free look without damaging your work.

High quality comb is made specifically for cashmere & fine wool clothing
Makes Old Clothes Look New - Don't throw out your favorite sweaters when in just a few minutes you can make them just as new with our sweater combs
Sweater Pill Remover - Shave and remove the pills or bobbles from your sweater with ease instantly.
Easy to Use - just comb your sweater and watch the pills, bobbles and fuzz disappear
This comb is designed to work with most fabric types & is gentle yet effective
With copper strip it gently remove all the lints
Removes fuzz from woven and knitted sweaters
Useful cashmere sweater tool
Mini Portable Lint Remover Comb is lightweight, easy to use

How to use:

  1. Put the cashmere sweater on the table
  2. Comb the ball to the side of the knitting direction
  3. According to the size of the pilling area and the degree of pilling, adjust the length and strength of each combing time
  4. Gently remove all the hair balls from the surface of the cashmere sweater

Size: Length 8CM x Width 4CM
Material: Hard Plastic, Copper bar
Color: Random

Package Includes:
1 x Wool Comb