Cracked Nail Repair Fiberglass Gel

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Repair Broken Nails: Instantly fill in and fix nail cracks flawlessly.
Strengthen Nails: Create a clear protective layer on nail cracks which helps boost nail recovery speed and prevent injuries/ bacteria infections.
Easy to Apply: No professional skill or tool like nail wrap required!
Long Lasting Repair: Can last for more than 45 days with proper care.
Able to apply nail polish on the repaired parts.
No Harm to Nails: Made of environmentally friendly resin, which is harmless to human body and nail bed.
Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc.

Apply repair gel evenly to the nail surface where is broken and cure it.
(Optional) Shape nails and buff nail surface for smooth finish.

Gel Color: Clear
Package includes : 1 Piece Cracked Nail Repair Fiberglass Gel