Candy Color Seasoning Condiment Spices Rack

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6 in 1 Masala Box | Spice Rack | Seasoning Box | 6 pcs with Stand | 6 Spice Jars With Colorful Lids

Spice Jar with Colorful Lids consist of 6 compartments with different color of lids, convenient to storage different condiment, one box for one taste to prevent mix of seasonings

Spice Jar with Colorful Lids have 3 small holes for powder-like condiment & 3 large holes for large particles of seasoning.

The lids are easy to open and close, you can pour spices by lightly pressing the lids, hence very convenient for daily use

You can differentiate the condiment and pick up easily. 

The seasoning boxes can be used together with the base, but also can be used alone, suitable for different places


  • Transparent crates and environmentally-friendly material: Clear glasses allow you to distinguish the seasoning and pick it up easily. It is made-up of PP + PS material.
  • 6 compartment seasoning dispenser, with a non slip tray to protect all spice boxes. Also easy to remove and clean.
  • It can be used to hold a variety of spices like pepper, salt, spices, chicken broth powder, corn starch and much more.
  • Convenient and practical: Press design, you can pour spices by gently pressing the lid. Slider open design, colorful removable lid for easy cleaning. Keep your favorite spices or sugar fresh and odorless and prevent ashes.
  • Durable airtight seal; retains freshness hence keep the flavor and aroma of spices for a long period of time.
    • Product material: PP + PS
    • Overall size: about 18.3 X 6.2 X 10.5 cm
      Single size: about 5.8 X 2.5 X 10.2 cm
    • Weight: 490 g
    Packaging includes:
    • 1 x 6pcs set Seasoning Box