Flameless Flickering LED Candles

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  1. Flame-less flickering LED candles combine absolutely realistic wax exteriors with state-of-the-art flicking LED bulb technology which mimics the behavior of real candles without the danger.
  2. Flame-less, battery operated candles, are wonderfully worry free.
  3. Flame-less candles are so realistic that you'll have to look twice to notice there's really no flame or hazard of fire.
  4. A slightly recessed or blackened wick completes the illusion.
  5. They can be placed near decorations, dried flowers, curtains and are safely reassuring near children and pets.
  6. Perfect for wedding receptions, birthday or romantic date nights.
  7. So put away the matches and the annoyance of soot, flame-less candles are the smart way to entertain in the modern life.
  8. Flame-less candles are perfect for weddings, parties, bar, restaurants and home use.
  9. No smoke, flame-less, environment friendly, free of dust and dirt
  10. No hot and dirty wax to deal with
  11. Easy to use, simply switch on / off on the bottom to control the candle light
  1. Ice white casing with amber tealight LED 
  2. Safe for children, pets, etc 
  3. Realistic flickering light 

Light color: Colorful / Multi
Quantity: 24 candles
Model of battery: 3 * LR1130
Diameter: Approx. 3.8cm / 1.50"
Case material: Plastic
Life time: 1000 hours
Merit: low consumption, long life, convenient installation, good brightness

Package Included: 24 LED Candles (coin batteries included)

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