Foldable Mini Washing Machine

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Dynamic Cleaning Performance: Harnessing a robust 12W washing power and featuring a capacious 6L capacity, this machine effortlessly caters to your daily laundry requirements. An ideal solution for washing personal items, it eliminates the hassle of accumulating clothing piles.

Versatile Three-Speed Modes: This intelligent washing machine boasts three-speed modes to cater to your diverse needs. Tailor the time duration based on your clothing's cleanliness requirements, providing a customized approach to your laundry routine.

Delicate Cleaning Technology: Emulating the precision of hand washing, our machine incorporates a 360° gentle washing action that thoroughly cleans your clothes without causing any harm. This innovative design seamlessly integrates potent stain removal with gentle spinning, ensuring your garments emerge spotless without the need for manual scrubbing.

Space-Saving Foldable Design: The thoughtfully crafted foldable design allows for convenient storage in your living room, balcony, or utility room. With a single press, effortlessly fold it up, making it compact and easy to carry for travel or relocation.

Efficient 2-in-1 Washing and Drying: Experience the convenience of combined washing and drying functionalities in this portable unit, streamlining your laundry process. Efficiently separating residual moisture from your clothes, it guarantees a gentle yet thorough cleaning, saving you valuable time and effort.

Explore our powerful, versatile, and space-saving washing solution for a seamless laundry experience.

Material: Environmental protection ABS, electronic components
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Washing capacity: 6L
Rated power: 12W
Color: Random
Product size: About 29.5x29.5x29cm / 11.61x11.61x11.41inch
Folding height: About 14.5cm / 5.70inch
Plug: US, EU, UK (optional)

NOTE : Each package includes one machine. Please note that the actual color of the item may vary due to monitor differences, and slight dimension variations may occur due to manual measurements. Availability is subject to change.

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