Pill Bottle / Water Bottle with Pill Box

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Candy Color Sports Bottle with Pill Organizer is to keep weekly medicine & vitamins. Portable kit with water bottle comes with seven pill box compartments and drinking cup

Never forget to take your vitamins and pills. Pack them into your water bottle. This water bottle pill holder has a seven-compartment pill organizer built into it, so you always have water when the clock strikes time-to-take-your-pills. The pegs on the side prop it up, so you can load up your supply for the week, and the cap doubles as a cup.

  • Water bottle with built-in daily pill box organizer, seven compartment for each day of the week. Great way to take your medication while on the go. Combine your daily medicine box with your water bottle.
  • It comes with a removable 7 day pill organizer & drinking cup. How many times have you been out and have to take a pill and you have no water? This product solves the issues! The Water Bottle has a removable 7 day pill dispenser attached on one side.
  • Easily removable. The screw on cap doubles as a drinking cup. A perfect match for the two items.The bottle cap which is also a cup can have ample amount of water to drink. 

    Water bottle with built-in daily pill box organizer.
    Seven compartment pill organizer for each day of the week.
    Portable design convenient for you to carry with when traveling or go outside.
    Large capacity can provides enough water or juice for you.

    Material: Plastic
    Net weight: approx. 182g
    Color: Random
    Capacity: 600-700ML

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