Halloween Decoration One-eyed Doorbell

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Halloween Decoration One-eyed Doorbell Horror Props Ghost's Day Glowing Home Hanging Electric Luminous Sounding Doorbell Eyeball


How it works: When you press the doorbell once, it will ring for about 10 seconds. Each time you press it, there will be a different sound. There are four sounds, which will be played in a loop.

Purpose: As a Halloween party decoration, to amuse or scare your neighbors, the fun never ends. This magical magic doorbell will be scary on Halloween night. Knock on the doorbell, eyes open and glow, eyes turn and there is a terrible welcome, very suitable for Halloween.

Scene: Can be widely used in home decoration, Halloween decoration, bar theme decoration.

Sound: Lightly touch the bell button, the doorbell will make a terrible welcome sound

Eyes: When you press the doorbell, your eyes will open and glow, adding a sense of horror to your eyes. (The doorbell does not ring and the eyes are closed) Easy to install:

There is a hole on the back, which can be directly hung on the [bell. Installation is very convenient.

Increase the fright effect: the appearance is vivid and terrifying, it is the perfect Halloween decoration.



Name: Halloween Decoration One-eyed Doorbell
Size: 18 cm
Features: The eyes will glow and crawl, but they will not speak or have sound.
Package Includes: 1 Doorbell

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