Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle

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Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle | Atomizer Perfume Bottle | Refillable Perfume Spray | Scent Pump Case

Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle is the perfect solution for traveling with your favorite fragrances, essential oils, and aftershaves.

  • Clear vial inside to easily see how much perfume remains.
  • Simple and convenient: Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle is handy travel size. Easy to use and easy to fill/refill, no leakage, just press the bottom against your favorite perfume gauge and keep clicking until it is refilled.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The shell of atomizer is made of high quality aluminum and the inside of durable glass, so you don’t need to worry it will be broken when drop onto the floor, it’s durable. NO LEAKING!!
  • TRAVEL SIZE - The size is only 3.15 x 0.63 x 0.63 inches, the volume is 5ml, there are more than 70 sprays. Lightweight and also durable aluminum material makes it ideal for placing in your handbag or pocket.

  • The mini perfume spray bottle is small and also light enough to be put in your pocket or handbag, making you enjoy wonderful fragrance every moment. When you attend a party, spend time on holiday or on a business trip, it is a great tool to keep you smelling fresh and give you confidence.
  • Small atomizer orifice for reducing the waste of perfume and making spray finer
  • Lipstick size, small and also light weight
  • Refillable design, recyclable and environment-friendly
  • High-quality aluminum material, durable and light-weight.
  • Convenient to carry and keep, easy to use
  • Suitable for party, traveling, outdoor activities
  • Material: metal, ABS
  • Color: Random
  • Capacity: 5ml

    1. Align the perfume bottle tube with the spray bottle base
    2. Press down gently; the capacity of the spray bottle can be observed from the viewing window
    3. Press down a few more times to fill.
  • Package included:3 x Perfume Spray Bottles

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